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Safety and security

Keeping you safe at the Vitality Westminster Mile

We work closely with the Metropolitan Police and other organisations and have a range of measures in place to ensure your safety and security. These include our highly trained security personnel, bag searches, sniffer dogs and extensive CCTV across the whole of the Vitality Westminster Mile route – as well as other measures that may not be visible.

Our safety and security teams

Our highly trained teams of stewards and dog support staff work alongside police officers, the emergency services and event organisers – so if you see anything you think may be suspicious, please do not hesitate to find someone to help. As these teams work across the course and beyond, there should always be someone very close by.

Every steward on and around the route can communicate with other stewards and the Event Control Room, as well as the police, via radio and other channels. Our Event Control Room also has access to extensive CCTV to help keep you safe.

Our stewards are very aware that not everyone is familiar with London, so will be keeping their eyes open for anyone who may need some assistance or directions.

You can expect to see many members of the police force on and around the course. There’s no need to be concerned about the increased police presence – they are there to help you feel safe and to support us in delivering a secure and successful event.

Participants passing through security

Because of the measures we have in place, participants need to allow extra time to pass through our security arrangements where searches may also take place. You can help this process go more smoothly and avoid delays by wearing your bib number ready for inspection and complying with any instructions the search teams may give you.

Safety and security for spectators and residents

We also have teams of stewards and police dedicated to working among spectators and assisting people at popular viewing points – they will be happy to help with anything from security concerns to directions and can contact the rest of the event organisational team if necessary.

Even if you’re familiar with London, getting around the city will be different on Event Day, and you will find lots of impassable barriers in many locations. If you get stuck, please ask a steward and they’ll direct you to the nearest managed crossing point or accessible transport station.

Our stewards will also be keeping their eyes open for people who may need assistance and will even approach you to offer help if they think you may need it or are lost – so don’t be surprised if they pop up to say hello!

Be aware that there will also be security dogs patrolling the crowds, but please be assured that they are friendly – and welcome a pat! – with very experienced handlers.