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Celebrity quotes from the Vitality Westminster Mile

Jim Carter, actor and Special Olympics Great Britain ambassador

“The Special Olympics is all about joining in, and that’s what this day is about too.

“To have 450 people running for us and being cheered around the course is a great thing and shows what a great charity it is.

“People with intellectual impairments are so often excluded, so to be here as part of the London community, in the sunshine, with Mo Farah at the start and Buckingham Palace at the end – this is London at its best; it’s thrilling.”

Andrew Strauss, former England Cricket Captain

“It is incredible to see so many people come together to support my wife and what we’re trying to do with the Foundation.

“It is quite an emotional day but really special for me too. I have had huge support from the cricket family, but loads of others as well – friends, family, schools, all sorts. It’s great to see it all come together.

“Anyone can do this, that’s the great thing, so it was a perfect way to launch the Foundation. To be here on The Mall and in front of Buckingham Palace is stunning. It is days like this that bring out the best in London and in the country.”

Eoin Morgan, England World Cup Cricket Captain

“It means an incredible amount to support Andrew by taking part in the Ruth Strauss Foundation wave the Vitality Westminster Mile. I think he’s quite humbled by the turn out but there was never any question that the full England team and staff would come, as well as the Middlesex team. 

“The Strauss family has played a huge part in making England cricket feel more like a family, so for the guys playing the World Cup this year, a big part of the last four years of preparation has involved the Strauss family.

“From the Start Line all the way through to the Finish Line today, there have been loads of kids taking part, all absolutely loving it – it really gives you a new energy and a different feel to a day off.

“Taking part in an event like this also puts things in perspective; as does the Ruth Strauss Foundation itself. There are big pressures during the World Cup but also it’s something to look forward to.”

Paul Sinton-Hewitt, parkrun founder

“The mile is the perfect place to start if you haven’t done any running before. If you can run a mile you’re on your way to so many things – possible even marathons.

"I ran with some friends at the back of the event and it was absolutely perfect.

"Vitality are really focused on getting people active, so their work with parkrun is the perfect partnership. London Marathon Events have been supporting parkrun right from the word go, they have been consistent in their support because I think they understood that, from the beginning, parkrun was something that would deliver healthy people – not necessarily Olympians but healthy people – into the sport of running and help grow the sport and improve wellbeing.

"It’s amazing that 700 parkrunners took part in the Vitality Wetsminster Mile this year; I think it could easily be 1,500 next year.”