Final Instructions

On Race Day

Getting to the Start

The assembly area is in Green Park. The nearest Tube stations are Green Park and Hyde Park Corner. Piccadilly Circus, St James’s Park, Charing Cross and Victoria are also within walking distance of the assembly area.

Please do not drive to the event; many roads will be closed from 08:00 and parking in the area will be extremely limited. Walking, cycling and public transport are the best options, please plan your journey before setting off at

Assembly area facilities

The assembly area is in Green Park. Please bring your own pre-race drinks as no water is provided before the race. 

Toilet facilities are available, please note: the queues for the toilets can become very busy, so remember to use them well in advance of your baggage drop time. Please respect that you will be in one of The Royal Parks and only use the toilets provided.

Our team at the Information Point will be able to help with any questions.

Important timings

Please familiarise yourself with the times that correspond with your wave start time. Listen to the public address system and watch the big screen for further information. Our marshals in this area will also be on hand to assist you.

Lost children 

If you are bringing children with you, please fill out your contact details on the wristband supplied in your Race Pack and attach it to their wrist. There will be spare wristbands available from the Information Point in Green Park on Event Day.

First aid

There will be a First Aid point near the Finish Line and in Green Park.

Baggage drop 

If baggage drop is provided for your wave, please proceed to the baggage drop area at your specified time and follow these instructions:

  • Stick your self-adhesive baggage label to your official event kitbag where indicated and ensure you are wearing your corresponding wristband
  • Place any items you do not intend to run with in your kitbag
  • Draw and tie the drawstring cord to avoid items falling out
  • Hand in your kitbag at the area displaying the letters on your wristband
  • Only official event kitbags are allowed
  • No oversize bags or suitcases will be accepted, and no other bags or belongings should be attached to your kitbag

Once you have deposited your kitbag, you will not be able to retrieve your belongings until after you finish the race. Therefore, please ensure that you have all you require for your run before leaving your kitbag.

In the event of poor weather, we suggest you wear old clothing or a bin liner to stay warm before the race starts. Discarded clothes will be collected and, where possible, donated to charity.

Warm ups

Make sure you are ready to race by participating in one of the warm ups on The Mall before you start.

The Start 

You will start on The Mall, by kind permission of The Royal Parks, and finish in front of Buckingham Palace.

Our marshals will direct you to your start wave zone at the appropriate time. Please follow their instructions.

Safety and security

The safety and security of all our runners and spectators at the Vitality Westminster Mile and Vitality Wellness Festival is of paramount importance to us.

We work closely with the Metropolitan Police and other organisations and have a range of measures in place to help keep you safe and secure.

These include our highly trained security personnel, bag searches, sniffer dogs, the placement of vehicle mitigation and extensive CCTV across the mile route and the festival – as well as other measures that may not be visible.

Our team of friendly stewards are there to help to keep you safe, so don’t be surprised if they pop up and say hello! We also ask our participants, spectators and volunteers to report anything that appears suspicious or looks out of place to our stewards or the Police.