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#DrinkDrainDrop with Buxton Natural Mineral Water at the Vitality Westminster Mile


London Marathon Events is committed to becoming a world leader in delivering sustainable mass participation events.

We know our participants share our passion and want us to take action.

At the Vitality Westminster Mile the following measures will be taken to help us reduce the impact on the environment.

Plastic bottles

We aim to ensure all plastic bottles distributed during the event are collected and recycled along the length of the race route.

Runners are encouraged to drink, drain and drop their bottles so they can be collected and there will be dedicated bins on the route to help with the recycling process. It is important the bottles are emptied before disposing of them as bottles with water are difficult to recycle. Runners should drain their bottle before dropping it in one of the bins.

All our drinks station volunteers help to ensure bottles are collected to be sent for recycling.

All of the Buxton Natural Mineral Water bottles used during the events are made from 50 per cent recycled plastic and are fully recyclable.

All Vitality Westminster Mile staff use refillable water bottles at the event to reduce plastic waste. Event spectators are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles and they can find the nearest refill point using the refill app.


We work hard to reduce the amount of waste we create, where we do create waste our aim is to recycle as much as possible and ensure none of it goes to landfill. We have recycling bins are placed in key areas, including The Vitality Wellness Festival in Green Park, and we encourage participants, spectators and staff to use the correct bins for their waste.

Paper waste

The Race Day instructions for event participants are delivered in digital format to keep paper use to a minimum.