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2020 Event Postponed

The 2020 Vitality Westminster Mile

The recent surges in Covid-19 since lockdown was eased mean it’s not possible to stage the Vitality Westminster Mile in its usual format in 2020.

We've contacted all participants in the 2020 event about their options for this year – read our full announcement for more details.

The Vitality Westminster Mile will be back in 2021.

Please note the below information is now subject to change.

Runner Info

On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about Mile Day – from how to get to the assembly area in Green Park to how to fix your timing tag to your shoe.

The course

The Vitality Westminster Mile course starts on The Mall and heads towards Admiralty Arch before a right turn into Horse Guards Road following the perimeter of St James’s Park. The course then turns right again into Birdcage Walk. The second half of the race will take you past Welllington Barracks before the final right turn into Spur Road and the Finish Line in front of Buckingham Palace.

Download the Vitality Westminster Mile course map below.

Before the event

You will receive your Race Pack, containing your running number and safety pins, IPICO Sports Tag, a multi-use kitbag and baggage label with your baggage number printed on it, and a wristband displaying your baggage number before the event. Please ensure you bring these with you on event day.

Your running number

Pin your running number to the front of your T-shirt using the safety pins you’ll receive with your event pack. Your running number has a coloured background and letter that indicates what mile race you are in. Race start times are available in the event Final Instructions. Spare pins will be available at the information point on Race Day. You must not use someone else’s number, nor let someone else use yours. Imagine the anxiety caused to relatives and friends in the event of misidentification if there is a medical emergency.

IPICO Sports Tag timing device

Your IPICO Sports Tag will be enclosed with your event pack. It must be fixed to your running shoe in accordance with the instructions using the wire twist ties which will also be enclosed with your event pack.

If you need additional instructions, or wire twist ties to secure the IPICO Sports Tag to your shoe, these can be collected from our information point in Green Park on Race Day. Official results will be based on the elapsed time taken by each runner between crossing the mats at the Start Line and the Finish Line (except in any of the British Athletics One-Mile Road Championship races or U11/U13 races – including the London Borough Championships – when results will be based on gun to tape times).

Before leaving home on Race Day

Make sure you have all the items in your Race Pack and access to your Final Instructions before leaving home on Race Day. If you lose any of these items before the race they can be replaced at the information point in Green Park on Race Day. There is a £10 charge to replace a lost IPICO Sports Tag, which will be payable on the day by cash, cheque or credit card before a new tag is issued.

Deciding not to run

Please remember that it is very foolish to run if you have had any sort of virus or fever in the four weeks before Race Day. It is equally foolish to run with an injury – in these circumstances, please DO NOT RUN. If you decide not to run for any reason, you must return your IPICO Sports Tag. Please use the special Freepost envelope enclosed with your event pack. It is a condition of the event that all timing tags that are not returned within 21 days of the event are subject to a £10 lost-tag charge.

Getting there

The assembly area for the Vitality Westminster Mile event is in Green Park. The nearest Tube stations are Green Park and Hyde Park Corner. Piccadilly Circus, St James’s Park, Charing Cross and Victoria are also within walking distance.

We do not recommend driving as parking in the area will be difficult.

Public transport is the best option, but do check for any possible weekend engineering works before you travel at www.tfl.gov.uk/check

Assembly area

The assembly area in Green Park will have toilets available to runners. Our team at the information point will be able to help with any questions. Please ensure that you listen to the PA system for important information on when you should assemble for the start of your race. Our marshals in this area will also be on hand to assist you.

Event baggage facility

Included with your Race Pack will be a multi-use kitbag and baggage label with your baggage number printed on it, and a wristband displaying your baggage number.

Please stick your self-adhesive baggage label to your official event kitbag where indicated, ensure you are wearing your corresponding wristband, and hand it in to our baggage facility displaying the letters on your wristband at the assembly area in Green Park on Race Day. Please keep your belongings to a minimum and help our volunteers by bringing nothing larger or heavier than a regular size backpack. No oversize bags or suitcases will be accepted, and no other bags or belongings should be attached to your kitbag.

To reclaim your bag after your race, please return to the baggage area that matches the letters on your baggage wristband.

The Start

There will be a series of mile races throughout the day and race allocation will be based on your predicted finish time. Head to the start area according to the race start times stated in your Final Instructions. Remember that the timing tag on your shoe will give you an accurate time regardless of which race you are in.

First Aid

There will be a First Aid point near the Finish Line and in Green Park.

The Finish

The race Finish Line is on Spur Road, facing Buckingham Palace. Once you’ve crossed the Finish Line, one of our marshals will remove your timing tag from your shoe. You will then receive a goody bag containing your medal and water before you’re directed back to the assembly area in Green Park.


Results for the 2019 Vitality Westminster Mile – and previous years of the event – are available on our Race Results page.

Royal Parks

The Royal Parks has allowed us to use Green Park. We are grateful to the Royal Parks for their assistance and would ask that you show your appreciation by treating the area with the respect it deserves and not littering the park and surrounding areas.


The race course is ideal for spectators. It loops around the world-famous St James’s Park and features plenty of great vantage points so encourage any friends and family who aren’t joining you for the run to come along to show their support.

For more details on the entertainment available to those coming to watch the Vitality Westminster Mile, please visit our Spectator Info page.

Lost children

Included with your event pack will be an orange wristband. If you bring children, please fill out your contact details on the wristband and attach it to their wrist. There will be spare wristbands available from the information point in Green Park on Race Day.